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Developing business models based on blockchain technology is extremely energy-intensive and is criticised by government authorities and environmental organisations around the world. At the same time, more and more buildings in the Swiss Alps are becoming derelict.
Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) combines these two worlds and provides environmentally-friendly mining facilities in huts and farm buildings in the Swiss Alps that are no longer used.
At a media event held in the garage of the Baur au Lac in Zurich on 8 May 2018, Swiss Alps Energy AG introduced the project and explained how the SAM Cubes work. The SAE team explained the differences and the successes as well as how exactly the ICO, which begins on 15 June 2018, will work.
The SAM Cube on show at the event proved to be a particular eye-catcher, which at 4x2x2 m is about the size of a minivan and has a processing power of 6300 MH/s (ethereum) and over 700 TH/s (bitcoin).
The Swiss Alps Energy AG’s proprietary, modular cube system makes it possible to directly install premade mining components in the Alpine huts without having to modify the buildings. The average temperature in the Swiss mountains of less than 15°C means that the SAM cubes don’t require any air conditioning.
The sophisticated ventilation concept exploits the natural conditions to perfection and leads to a reduction in energy consumption of up to 30% compared with mining at lower altitudes. The cubes are exclusively operated using renewable energy (water power).
Thanks to the state-of-the-art automation methods, they don’t require much maintenance and are managed via a central platform which optimises mining.
Swiss Alps Energy AG rents entire cubes or individual computing capacity within cubes, and at the same time guarantees extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective mining. The diffuse geographical spread of the SAM Cubes means that Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is in a position to provide hosting for decentral blockchain networks.

About Swiss Alps Mining & Energy AG

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is the operating company of Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. The team is made up of experienced specialists in the areas of blockchain technology, mining of cryptocurrencies and the development of Hyperledger applications, as well as building engineers and energy experts.
The team has successfully developed and implemented several business models based on blockchain technology. Swiss Alps Energy AG is currently going through the admissions process in a Swiss self-regulatory organisation (SRO).
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DD on Crypto. Just kidding Allin AMD

Alright, I keep seeing you fucks talk about how "Bitcoin is going to make Nvidia/AMD go to the moon". I'm going to walk all you fucks through bitcoin, crypto currencies, and how they effect the GPU market.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a decentralized ledger. That's pretty much it. A set number of bitcoin is generated per block, and each block is solved when a resulting hash is found for the corresponding proof of work. The difficulty is adjusted periodically based on a formula, meaning that as hash rate rises and falls, the number of bitcoins produced per day is roughly the same.
What does Bitcoin have to do with AMD and Nvidia?
Fucking nothing. Bitcoin is mined on proprietary hardware called Application-specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Neither AMD or Nvidia produce these.
Why does everyone keep talking about Bitcoin and AMD then?
Because they're fucking retarded and you're listening to retards. Bitcoin runs on the SHA-256 Hashing Function which people have custom hardware for. The Crypto driving GPU sales is ETHEREUM, NOT BITCOIN
What the fuck is Ethereum then?
Don't worry about it. It's for smug assholes who are too edgy for Bitcoin. All you need to know is it runs on a different Hashing function than Bitcoin, so if you weren't a retard you'd probably realize that the proprietary hardware I talked about earlier won't work with it. Currently Ethereum is being mined the same way Bitcoin was when it first started; on GPUs.
When are you going to tell me what to buy
Shut the fuck up, learn something or kill your self.
How many GPUs are being used to mine currently?
Currently the Ethereum Hash Rate is 73,000 GH/s. For upcoming earnings, we should instead look at the period from April to June. April 1st shows a network hash rate of 16,500 GH/s, and June 31st shows 59,200 GH/s, meaning the network hash rate increased by 42,700 GH/s for this upcoming earnings report quarter.
I've linked a decent benchmark for GPU hashrate . You should notice that all of these are quoted in MH/s, versus the Network reporting in GH/s; there are ALOT of fucking GPUs running on the network. A top of the line 1080 puts out about 20-25 MH/s, a good Radeon card does about 30. As a rough estimate, lets assume that the average card mining Ethereum currently produces about 25 MH/s. 42,700GH/s / 25MH/s means that there are 1.7 MILLION more GPUs currently mining ethereum than there were at the beginning of Q1. Based on my personal observations being involved in this, AMD is actually taking a majority market share of the sold cards just due to their superior performance compared to Nvidia's 1080s, and I'd estimate that About 50-60% of the cards currently mining Ethereum are AMD Radeons.
What does this all mean?
AMD are selling their highest margin video cards faster than they can produce them, and at ~250$ a pop with 50%-60% market capture AMD will have sold roughly 200-300 million dollars more in video cards than they did last quarter. AMD quarterly revenue last reported was just under 1 Billion. This is a 20-30% increase in revenue from last quarter, where Ethereum Hash Rate only increased by about 10,000GH/s. Even assuming a modest 30% margin for their video cards, AMD will still have almost 60 million in unexpected earnings this quarter due to crypto mining, which translates to about .06-.1 per share in earnings.
Ethereum will make AMD beat revenue by 20-30%. BUY AMD YOU CUCKS.
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Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Gives The ‘Next Generation’ Of Crypto Mining Efficiency.

Key Factors of the SAE Mining Farms

In order to be profitable, it is essential to be efficient in all the factors that influence the cryptocurrency mining. SAE has taken into account a solution for all relevant factors:
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Global mining operations consume electricity more than the entire energy consumption of Denmark. Sophisticated computers employed in mining operations are energy sapping, for instance, the Bitman S9 system requires up to 1400W of electricity supply to carry out mining operations effectively. It is therefore no surprise that one of the leading destination for cryptocurrency mining in the world, Iceland publicly declared that it could no longer provide electricity for the ever energy demanding cryptocurrency mining operations.
This issue is seriously undermining the goal of decentralization which blockchain technologies wants to achieve as energy intensive mining operation have concentrated power in the hands of a few in the industry. Furthermore, running successfully mining farms requires massive investment which has made bulk of investors to resorts to using less environmental friendly such as coal operations in China.
It is based on this background that the Swill Alps Mining and Energy team came up with a laudable project to address the numerous problems associated with cryptocurrencies mining globally. Swiss Alps project would not only provide cheap and readily available energy for mining operations but also ensure that the energy is clean and poise no threat to the environment while ensuring that the once abandon structures located in the Swiss Alps are used to create value.
While cryptocurrency miners continuously battled how to solve the energy issues facing their operation. It is saddening to know that thousands of structures are wasting away on the Swiss Alps which could be employed in the provision of affordable and renewable energy for mining operations while also generating revenues for the local authority. The Swiss Alps Mining and Energy therefore came up with a feasible solution that explores the numerous potentials of the Swiss Alps that is providing environmental friendly and renewable energy facilities for mining operations. The Swiss Alps Energy AG various initiative are discussed briefly below:
The Swiss Alps Energy propose to provide her own electricity by acquiring green power plants to ensure provision of cheap and readily available to run her SAM cubes initiative to solve the challenge of inadequate and costly energy for mining purposes. Through ecofriendly energy source such as hydro power-plant, wind power sources and photovoltaic systems called SAM power plants, energy would be supplied to Swiss Alps Energy halls and also individual miners can also equip their facilities with it.
The second phase of the SAM power plants project is built on a peer to peer (P2P) platform which would bring together energy producers and consumers together thereby eliminating third parties in the supply chain and consequently reduction in energy prices. Backed by blockchain technologies and smart contract, digitization and decentralization of energy supply is possible. This surely would place Swiss Alps at the forefront of the emerging leaders in the smart energy sector which no doubt is the future.
Sam cubes is a modular mining cubes providing advance automatic mining services with little maintenance. It most interesting feature is the Organic Rankine Cycle system; the first of its kind globally. The Organic Rankine System enables conversion of waste heat generated in the industrial process to electricity representing the highest efficiency energy conversion ever. Furthermore, Sam cubes are self-contained, fast-mountable and with custom ventilation system.
They come in two specifications are denoted SAM Unit 1 and SAM Unit 2 with measurement 4x2x2 meter cube and 8x2x2 respectively. It is relatively easy to set up both models on site and with a favorable weather condition on the Swiss mountain (15 degree Celsius); they do not require air conditioning system to keep them cool.
Sam cubes competitive advantage lies in its efficiency. For instance, operating 50 Asic miners with a combine capacity of 700 TH/s together with GPU rigs of total capacity of 4000 MH/s would mine about 115 Etherum and 19 bitcoin annually using SAM unit 1 while SAM unit 2 would double this outcome. The Sam unit is already in operation and in the future would allow mining of other cryptocurrencies besides just Bitcoin and Etherum.
SAM Smart Mining-samaiX
SamaiX is a decision support system which uses artificial intelligence and historical data to forecast and predict profitable cryptocurrencies coins to mine at a particular time. Users that have interest would have option of joining this service provided in the SAE blockchain to assist them in making informed decisions regarding their mining activities.
Office space called SAM centers would be inaugurated at every location where Sam cubes would be deployed at the Swiss Alpine areas. This would be advantageous to the local community as it would ensure protection of their cultural assets that is the already abandon houses in the area and local authorities would also benefits from tax return. Lastly, Sam centers would contribute to economical activity in the area by employing locally source manpower to provide services such as security and others.
SAM Paas
Having a perfect knowledge of market needs, Sam blockchain provides a solution that meets diverse needs of users. At the onset, the platform shall provide 5 to 10 selected blockchain frameworks for users some of which include the Know Your Customer-Anti Money Laundering solution as well as the decentralize distribution of electricity on the blockchain. On this platform, users would have opportunity of customizing their own distributed ledger technology in no time.
Identity verification remains one of the fundamental challenges facing cryptocurrency acceptance across the globe because of fear of money laundering and disclosure of priviledge information by participants.
Sam KYC-AML would allow online verification of users in a simplified without a centralized storage of users’ information instead it would be based on blockchain technology where users can ready confirm their identity. Even in the event of hacking, user’s identity is secured.
In order to complete this laudable project, Swiss Alps Energy is raising investment through initial coin offering (ICO). Investors would be issued SAM tokens, SAM tokens is the currency of the SAM blockchain and would be listed in major exchanges for trading. It is an etherum based token (ERC-20) with a huge potential for exponential growth in value based on its usage for all payment in the system. It is therefore no surprise as the project initial coin offering was highly rated by reputable cryptocurrency media. The ratings are provided below:
ICO bench 4.0/5ICO marks 9.3/10IcosBest 4.0/5
Investors can purchase the ICO (SAM tokens) using Bitcoin, Etherum or fiat (paper money). Presently the ICO sale is in stage four and each SAM token is presently $0.80. The total supply of SAM token is 311,011,901 tokens. Unsold tokens would be burnt after the ico.
Project Road Map

the project road map.PNG
For further information regarding this project, please get in touch using any of the following links
Written by : daseento
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1544370
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The SAM Cubes can be equipped with Asic or GPU miners

The SAM Cubes can be equipped with Asic or GPU miners, whereby a mixed model was chosen for SAM Unit 1. In the already functioning Unit 1 (4x2x2), 50 Asic miners are operated with a total capacity of 700 TH/s and several GPU rigs with a total capacity of 4000 MH/s. At this performance, currently about 115 ETH and 19 bitcoin are minted per year. SAM Unit 2 (8x2x2) guarantees twice this figure, with a total capacity of more than 1400 TH/s and 8000 MH/s, respectively.
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Blockchain Security

For small public blockchains, it might be possible to rent services such as NiceHash to setup a 51% attack, for only a few hundred thousands USD (figure 1)

51% attacks can be very profitable, as for the May 2018 attach on Bitcoin gold, with $18 Millions being stolen (figure 1.1) in a single attack.

Pow 51% Attack Cost

This is a collection of coins and the theoretical cost of a 51% attack on each network.

Name - Symbol Market Cap Algorithm Hash Rate 1h Attack Cost NiceHash-able
Bitcoin - BTC $111.52 B SHA-256 49,091 PH/s $542,898 1%
Ethereum - ETH $28.19 B Ethash 227 TH/s $189,911 3%
Bitcoin Cash - BCH $9.08 B SHA-256 3,916 PH/s $43,307 13%
Litecoin - LTC $3.26 B Scrypt 254 TH/s $35,698 6%
Monero - XMR $1.48 B CryptoNightv7 466 MH/s $10,514 11%
Ethereum Classic - ETC $1.29 B Ethash 14 TH/s $11,656 48%
Dash - DASH $1.15 B X11 2 PH/s $9,747 23%
Figure 1: Credits to

Estimated Profitability of 51% Attacks

Amount Stolen Estimated cost of 1Hr Attack
Bitcoin gold 1,860,000 3,936
Zencash 500,000 5,237
MonaCoin 90,000 3,729
Verge 2,700,000
Figure1.1 : Recent (2018) 51% attacks and profitability
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Mining Lyra2RE2 and Equihash with 2x 1070

Hi, if I were to invest £700 in 2x 1070 and mine Lyra2RE2 (Mona/Vertcoin) and Equihash (Zcash and Bitcoin-Gold) using algo port switching at MiningPoolHub with MultiPoolMiner and left it running 24/7 for a year (for example), would I see any return on my investment? Am I right in thinking that as network difficulty increases, adding more cards with wider memory controllers are required to offset the loss in profitibility? reckons 2x 1070 are capable of 71 MH/s for Lyra2RE2 and 860 H/s for Equihash. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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IBM 2880W PSU/Breakout Boards - *NEW* Package deals for T9/S9 & A7

Please see here for IBM 4K PSU packages:
Please see here for GPU rig powering packages with all adapters necessary to run rigs off these PSU's!
The "Get Me Going" Package
(Tell the wife her dryer now runs on 12V and has blinking lights and loud fans) Simply add a C19 cable. - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 10x 24" PCIe cables
The "Double A (AntmineAvalon)" Package
Enough to power 2x Antminer S9's for as cheap as possible - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 20x 24" PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Royale With Cheese" Package
(Perfect to run 2x Antminer S9's, mixing and matching lengths for flexibility and value.) - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 11x 24" PCIe cables - 11x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Pimp Daddy" Package (Add a 50A circuit and go big, with PDU included for clean, simple & safe install) - 3x 2880W PSU - 3x Breakout boards - 1x 40A 4-port PDU with breakers for each circuit - 30x 24" PCIe cables - 30x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 3x C19 power cables of choice (see below for stock)
Boards and cables ship from Canada, PSU's ship domestically in the US to save on shipping and any potential duty/taxes at the border.
Individual pricing Note: Bulk pricing is available, please contact me.
Board price - $65 each.
PSU (Refurbished) - IN STOCK. Includes ground shipping within the US.
I can supply PCI cables in two different configurations:
-36" Deluxe, high quality 16awg made in USA- $4.50 each (IN STOCK)
-24" standard 16 AWG cables - $2.50 each (IN STOCK)
C19 to C20 cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 5-15P cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 6-20P (12awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
40A continuous-rated PDU (requires 50A circuit): $120
24A continuous-rated PDU (requires 30A circuit): $60
60A 3-Phase Delta current-monitored PDU with remote access: $350
I have started to offer leasing packages for use in approved Data Centre/Co-locations. This can be beneficial for many reasons:
-Less upfront capital required, allowing more to be spent on additional mining hardware which can offset much or all of the cost of the lease
-Limits risk and cost of equipment failure, and associated down time due to failures
-Saves shipping costs for heavy PSU's to and from hosting location for duration of your contract
-No equipment depreciation
-Helps eliminate ownership problems associated with Group Buys, when more than 1 member shares purchase price of PSU to host together
-All maintenance, replacement, shipping, setup, and lost revenue from down-time due to PSU failure is my responsibility
Please contact me for details.
Shipping will be calculated individually, to make sure you are getting the best rate. All prices are in USD. I am willing to accept escrow through OGNasty, and can also do Paypal but buyer will be responsible for covering costs of either services (4% added to paypal, OG charges 1% for escrow).
Each package of PSU, breakout board & 10x PCI cables is approximately 16 lbs.
The BTC address for all non-escrow breakout board orders is here: 1GWQYCv22cAikgTgT1zFuAmsJ9fFqq9TXf I will not PM you asking for payments to any other address, so beware of F1nksy, Fink5y, or whatever scammy names might pop up.
Original Post:
Hi everyone,
I am the official North American distributor of Break-out boards for the IBM 2880W Bladecenter H PSU's, which are 80+ platinum rated (94%+ efficient) Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT and have provision for 22x PCI-E cables. Unlike other server boards, these don't rely on screw-down terminals and bare wires which can get loose and spark causing fire hazards, and limit the exposure of live contacts to surfaces above and below the PSU. Instead these use a double-sided PCI 6 pin cable, which only cost about $0.10 more than the standard PCI-6 to bare wire versions. Also, unlike the DPS-2000BB -which is the next largest server PSU available for miners- these have fans already built-in, so don't need extra work to set up up and deploy.
The PSU's themselves are available on e-bay and elsewhere (I sell them as well), and the boards will be priced at US $70 $65 each (better pricing for bulk purchase, volume structure will be the same as J4bberwock's). Each PSU can handle 2x Antminer S7's, 3x SP20's, 5 Antminer S5's, or 8 Antminer S3's. You won't find better value for power, and there are very few ATX-based PSU's that provide 80+ platinum efficiency (and none for under $200 for even 700-800 watts). Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT Lastly, unlike ATX-based PSU's, these can be run at (and I have found even over) their rated power, as they were designed that way for server use. They do, however, require 240V input. Also, running these over at over 90% load will give you slightly decreased efficiency, and could affect their reliability.
I have personally taken 3x SP20's to settings around 960 watts (at ports, not at wall) each for approximately 2 weeks, and the PSU drew 13.41 amps (@ 235 volts - 3150 watts @ wall). So at absolute full load (or possibly over), these will still hold over 90% efficiency. Very impressive, and I will be testing different fans to reduce sound for home mining (fans on these PSU's are slightly louder & higher pitched than SP20 fans). Sloopy informed me that he ran 11x Antminer S3's on a PSU for a while (over 3,300W DC!), but that is certainly not recommended, and will eventually cause the PSU to fail. It is simply a testament to how tough these PSU's truly are, and that spikes over their rated output shouldn't affect performance.
Here are some pictures:
Feel free to contact the developer of these boards if you have any concerns, he will verify that I am authorized to sell these.;u=206446
Here is the spec sheet with efficiency rating:
Thank you for your time,
J'observe qu'il y a plusieurs Québécois sur se forum. Mon Francais est au niveau primaire mais je peux communiquer sans probleme.
Me gusta mucho aprender español, y tengo un conocimiento muy básico (con traductores). Pruebame, si eres paciente
Here is my PGP key for anyone wishing to send their personal information encrypted:
Code:-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2
mQENBFTl/j4BCADw0a0fUisOWh16Yl1/SC8p2vcGoGgV4MwxeaLSoLRdT2437E51 kd5giYj6Ki8ByNTunXBRr01yXplxL1Pp3yTo/GFmNqEm3XwIaq+rRRP6EIKb3U6Y SWSXfeck8J3+HJXrcCEdBA+Hp+ey8Mjg3/eb1ILMld+WKJPPDCQNKK3GJEp7DLtH Rtybq0BCsXou90KxHr37k0MQJY6u6zsM5yl0gpK5dVqZvIOfX+5MGb2hsfilU2cF 9ZJQt72LCwkdcxgRxBGYT6qVZtOoFe5RwI9nxGGRrlsCxG9vAf9sVUxSiY03najM r7qM8hQPGMtn79SLnkkQM4gt7suy3w1SJm6BABEBAAG0G0ZpbmtzeSA8cmZpbmtz NjlAZ21haWwuY29tPokBOQQTAQIAIwUCVOX+PgIbAwcLCQgHAwIBBhUIAgkKCwQW AgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEGhX1pvgBfqVKDEIAJA7ashSYaVUS/HUKB1F2nYEYtf2PlHn EvluHzsrND0XdMkKEI/vavZ4UHfAdFISmFhickLeLwvSI3TotVDtYd7dDkwT3rIs +QJCXMIRDFnyCge7o9DH4HwSWq8tQ+6xsPXBdJANR9kG+RtipatqJv3Yt8wEzYwu ECnkBnpu1rxhMgYGJhgaVNyhAEPKVUPfsFBTEpkQ9YppPFZp99Ahdk8pQoAUBKzQ +++oW7ju3OWBpRluPIWYvYvdfG+d29dAq5iQJBIdm/RCDxw0hidMeOxOqTpi0g55 W+XY5+DrKSnOpHy+LvC0Uss0xGZ0f/pmEDiNuZbJ96ZEL1rYefgfDKO5AQ0EVOX+ PgEIALZgnlkXFcm0jnEY33LWBDkpIihbMM8XAauwi3gS9G/GzqBG+ETq14g2AyW9 6O1TrVFm2Ue/KiT+sl4iekkcRCbjYgkr9eG82l56YazbSRoH84aX3KBx95BMAY96 O2IE52fySYaqj1SBRSgVJSCh1A6Wami/zQhqdND6tk92af4VmSKyR1yWOKqbE/v9 0uPJ+VWA/0CipSUVJS6GZmSfPCeHVTg3YGR2dzRploXl4qrB5leHvOmj2VwW2bzF 6YZKut5uqREJ2euchpyPMg8EMC9QOXPAZxDQMUJAIxTQviShsakGbFd2SrUaKPz/ Sk3Qj1S6ZE9ZgbxMyB9bGMWMa68AEQEAAYkBHwQYAQIACQUCVOX+PgIbDAAKCRBo V9ab4AX6lYqnCACPHiLN8OEyD320N107l2dywIopCBa7ZfTBXPJ5syRuMcyBOXXT 2hZy7YpWr6IrV3foOUNF3rD1ECerj7oYhx7hgkTJe7rM3+mhONZM6beXzgFG+HO3 FCiUz/thif0zkJTAjygmAB1KHNH+0AIcdRsD46N1MsPp5YeN0geF1LE50+4gvtwf W412vGqA5bYwJ8a71Gp8SAR4YWuXKt0FKSp7iCF91pSunbY7VbaqxR0H7LkaKRVZ 9m30OK7Osu396FwYxBIX1UDLMjgfMATYvkzXYvRpPAnStJGmVB/YvcX+9sQeRQE1 BKAtkyAGpzKQZ0TFd94jgevGONQ336QqHF =mRrl -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
I will honour a 10-day return/exchange for PSU's or Boards that are DOA. However, these PSU's are used and although I try to briefly load test them all before sending them out, it is impossible to predict failures. As such, no warranty will be offered beyond what was previously mentioned. If you are looking for more peace of mind, please feel free to source PSU's yourself either new or used.
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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NuVoo Mining Pricing

People who are interested in hashing and crypto currencies would appreciate the cost-effective solutions of this company. In our review, we will give you all the details. Every expert has a possibility to order 4 different packages offered at this website: they are starter, bronze, silver, and gold. The main difference in them is the energy power you will get for a certain sum of money. What exactly does every package include? Continue reading our review to learn more!
As NuVoo bitcoin mining is predominantly used by beginners the prices for the packages are the lowest here:
Litecoin is a bit more expensive offering customers the following packages:
The last option is Ethereum. Ethereum is meant for cryptocurrency experts whose ideas bring about great profits on such farms. The cost of the main packages is the following:
That is what you can get here. In addition, all clients get absolutely free energy and maintenance, hash power guarantee and uptime of 99.99%.
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WHICH CRYPTOCURRENCIES TO MINE – BETTER BITCOINS OR OTHERS? Before revealing which cryptocurrencies to mine, let´s disciss first, what Cryptocurrencies are. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currency units that are becoming increasingly popular as a means of payment.
Making the right choice is necessary to mine cryptocurrency profitably in 2018. Many new cryptographic currencies have appeared lately.
Nowadays, it’s no longer necessary to use only Bitcoin, even if the cryptocurrency is one of the most popular with a high value. It’s almost impossible to mine them without the help of special equipment.
Another point to consider is how to handle mining multiple cryptocurrency types. They are not inaccessible at their asking price and can be mined without any particular difficulties.
Even with an everyday computer, mining efforts can yield impressive results. As you can see, there are more possibilites about which cryptocurrencies to mine.
Of course, you can also mine Bitcoins on your laptop, but doing so is inefficient and unprofitable. However, it’s important to show caution when choosing which cryptocurrencies to mine.
Which cryptocurrencies to mine? Make the Right Choice Don’t look at the current price of the cryptocurrency, but rather how easy it is to mine and what profit projections look like. For example, if it grows in price, it will be able to recover the investments spent on its extraction. In addition, the choice of cryptocurrency and mining service depends on whether it is possible to withdraw funds.
Which cryptocurrencies to mine? The Best Cryptographic Currencies for Mining Everyone is interested in simple but profitable ways of making more money, even when this money has a virtual format. However, if the currency can be exchanged for real money, it means that a real deal is to be had and deserves special attention.
These currencies can be assigned to several virtual delegates. This article aims to uncover the most promising cryptographic currencies online today.
They can be mined from virtually any device, including a conventional computer, provided it has a sufficient processor speed and an appropriate graphics card.
It’s important to remember that the choice of graphics card is a rather vital matter, due to the fact that using a video card was abandoned during Bitcoin mining. It simply became too expensive.
As a result, income from mining is practically lost against the background of costs. This article outlines the most promising alternatives that are beneficial for planned 2018 cryptocurrency mining.
Which cryptocurrencies to mine? A Selection of Popular Cryptocurrencies Ethereum. This currency still seems like an heir of Bitcoin, but it is growing incredibly quickly. It only cost 40 dollars at the beginning of 2017, and 893 dollars one year later.
But currency is unstable and this must be recognized. There are inherent leaps in the price – if it costs more than $800 dollars today, the price may drop to $600-700 tomorrow.
Therefore, you should consider whether this currency is worth it before investing in mining.
Lightcoin. Another very interesting choice for mining. The cost of this cryptocurrency won’t make you sweat, with modest prices of £250 per piece. The competition in the mining of this cryptocurrency is minimal, which makes mining it relatively easy.
In addition, experts say that Lightcoin is the most stable currency available and its exchange rate is subject to minor jumps.
Dash is a promising currency was added to the rating recently. This is one of the youngest options out there, but it has already received plenty of attention.
Experts say that it has a chance to grow to several thousand dollars. Consider that the asking costs were $11 just a few months ago, yet are an impressive $1,165 today.
Each of these cryptocurrencies can be described as the most profitable choice for mining, but only thorough practice will show whether this is truly the case.
What Crypto-Based Currencies Actually Mine? Some will say that mining in 2018 is no longer profitable and many will agree with this statement. However, the validity of this ultimately depends on the choice of currency you’re focusing on.
Bitcoin Mining is certainly no longer profitable, but what other options are out there? Turn to the service website “” for more input on which cryptocurrencies to mine.
This service is specially designed for those working in mining. It allows you to calculate the most profitable cryptographic currency that you can with your graphics card or ASICs.
On the page, select which type of hardware (graphics card or ASICs) you are using, then enter the correct information in the requested fields. Performance of your equipment, including hashing speed and energy consumption, are essential pieces of info that need to be entered.
When done, hit “Calculate” and you will get information about how much you can earn if you mine this or that – which cryptocurrencies to mine.
Cryptocurrencies to mine – Mining On What? CPU (mining on the processor). Given the current complexity, such a mine is no longer profitable.
Mining on the operative memory, for example, if the currency uses the encryption algorithm Scrypt. You could mine, but it’s not really very profitable nowadays.
GPU (Mining on the graphics card). The disadvantages of this method are quite great. The energy consumption and the price of a good graphics card are pricey, but despite these disadvantages, this type of mining is by far one of the best options out there.
For example, in comparison to the same mining on the ASICs, you can always sell on the graphics card at a good price. There is always a demand and in the case of damage, it can be replaced during its warranty period.
The best graphics card for mining is the GTX 1070 with 28 Mh/s, along with cheaper versions like the RX 470 and 480.
ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). These units have been specially developed for the mining of cryptocurrencies.
However, the high costs and the high risks are a downside, since they are difficult to repair in the event of damage. This is the conclusion about which cryptocurrencies to mine.
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03-27 01:13 - 'Antminers Available for sale / S9: $1,950 Hash rate: 13.5TH/s±7% / s7:$1,900 Hash rate: 4.73TH/s±5% Weight: 7.5 lbs. Hard Drive: 512MB RAM: 512MB Processor: 1GHz / T9: 1,850 Power consumption: 1450W(±10%) Hash rate: 11...' by /u/naomidavies638 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 128-138min

Antminers Available for sale
S9: $1,950 Hash rate: 13.5TH/s±7%
s7:$1,900 Hash rate: 4.73TH/s±5% Weight: 7.5 lbs. Hard Drive: 512MB RAM: 512MB Processor: 1GHz
T9: 1,850 Power consumption: 1450W(±10%) Hash rate: 11.5TH/s(±7%)
L3: $1,800 Hash Rate: 255 MH/s
D3: $1,750 S5: $1,700
All in single and bulk sales
Worldwide Deliveries
Acceptable Mode of Payment: Btc Eth Ltc
PM if interested, Serious buyers only
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Word of warning to those of you considering buying from GAWminers

In the hopes of helping prevent someone else from falling for the same trap, I will brief you on my experience with GAWminers (a seller of ASIC mining hardware, in case you're not already familiar)
To begin with, let me just say I've never been too serious about mining Dogecoin. I already know I missed that boat when I was too late to the bitcoin party. I just like to have enough to play around with, tip out, or more recently, play some Dogecoin poker on IRC in #dogecoin-holdem (it's not mine, I just have lots of fun there). So, over the past 8 months or so, I've sort of made it a hobby to buy some hardware to grab some more doge out of the ether. A video card here and there, a new power supply to support a couple of 7970s in one box, etc. Y'know, stuff I'll still be able to use long after cryptocoins are long forgotten or whatever.
I looked from afar as ASICs took over Bitcoin and always assumed they'd make their way over to Scrypt, and that I might dabble in one at some point just for funsies.
In early July, that moment came. I saw the GAWminers fury, and after being beeped on IRC every other minute by somebody talking about their GAWminers fury (my username and their product name is an unfortunate coincidence), I decided it was time to give it a shot. Except instead of one, it was 3. Three GAWminers fury ASICs. Just for funsies. $105 each, at the time. $315 to basically have double my previous max hashing power in less than 1/10th of the power. I figure, I've spent at least twice that much on a video card which I don't use 90% of the time, might as whale. Dogecoin's fun, and this will get me more doge.
Only, it didn't stop there. I got them set up, and a week later, I could not help myself, I went ahead and bought a Black Widow too. It was priced at $450 at the time, except I had a $10 coupon sitting there for supposedly leaving my cart unchecked-out for a while. Might as whale. This same day, the price of the fury was dropped to $60 each. Alright, no big deal, price drops happen, I'll just get a credit or a refund and put it toward another Black Widow or something. Only thing that showed up in my email inbox was "request rejected", there was no explanation or anything. I guess their policy is no, then.
Not only that, but the Black Widow shortly thereafter dropped to $350, and the fury then to $40. For those keeping count, that's a little under $300 in total price drops that happened to the stuff I bought, and that's just within a couple weeks. I can only imagine what it feels like to be one of the really early adopters of this stuff who paid over $200 for a fury, or someone who poured many thousands of dollars into it.
Fast forward to some time after GAWminers updated their site, and I got directed to the support site where it turns out I actually did get a written response to my refund request--it just never made its way to my email inbox, I didn't know this support site ever existed before. It was an apologetic offer for $50 store credit and a brief claim that whatever they're pricing it at is already lower than what they get charged by their suppliers, and if they gave every customer a refund they'd go out of business, etc. (Wouldn't one go out of business by always charging less than what it costs to buy the stuff? I'm not terribly good at economics, though I would think making it up in volume is still a net negative)
I chose to give the benefit of the doubt. These are human beings behind these companies after all, and they're just trying to stay above water in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing world. What would I do in their shoes? I don't know.
So, given their offer of a store credit (which I have not yet seen applied to my account), and some apparent speculation from the GAW CEO that mining hardware is no longer being manufactured and may rise in price, I chalk it up to bad luck, I've never been a particularly good gambler, and I'll just continue to have fun with the doge I'm mining, maybe bite once more if the mood feels right.
Sure enough, a few days ago, I see this OneMiner thing offering a Lightning X6, 42 MH/s for $700. Not a bad price, I thought to myself, as I had just spent $750 for about 20 MH/s from GAWminers. Might as whale. At this point, I am completely unaware that OneMiner is a GAWminers thing. I know, a quick Google search would have solved that question for me, but it didn't occur to me. I sure found out once the charge appeared on my bank card. $1400 for a pair of Lightning X6's from my friends at good ol' GAWminers. I meant to only purchase 1, but apparently somewhere along the line I double clicked the "I want one" button and had added a second one to my cart. Strike two for my attentiveness and foresight. That's fine, though, I was ready and willing to roll with that. I easily blow that much on phones or tablets that I hardly use. Might as whale. And GAWminers had in fact extended an offer for some store credit, so I figure they're decent enough people and I might take that store credit and buy a little thing later on to grab a few more gigglehashes.
Less than 24 hours later, the GAW CEO posted a $150 Black Widow sale (the thread for which is now deleted from hashtalk). One third the price I had just paid for a Black Widow a few weeks ago. Effectively, 6 of those would've roughly equalled the hashing rate I had just spent $1400 on (not counting the difference in power usage), so I feel like I just wasted $500 in a matter of hours. So much for mining hardware going up in price.
That's it for me. Even if they do give me the $50 store credit, I'm done doing business with a company that treats their customers in this way. They're afraid they'll go out of business if they credit back the hundreds of dollars in rapid price drops I've helped them subsidize? How about they're going to go out of business if they keep doing this and losing customers to it?
These games they play with people's hard-earned dollars only have one winner, and that winner's name is GAWminers. This stopped being fun, and shit got real, real quick.
I know, shit already got real when I spent over $2,000 again for hardware to mine a coin. I lost sight of my real goal, which was just to have fun and make more dogecoins and be able to play around with it more. But I also lost sleep over this. I lost money that I could have spent giving something good to the community or doing something good for myself like, say, some decent clothes instead of the same 4 shirts I wear over and over again. I consider myself fortunate that I didn't go even further and lose even more.
To be clear: this is entirely my fault. GAWminers' business model is very clear in that they do not care about customers--there are numerous threads just like mine all over the internet, most of them even worse off than me. The business model apparently works for GAW, or they'd have changed their policies to something more in line with other companies that I do business with. I take full responsibility for my lack of control and my being too trusting, and getting in too deep for my own good. I post this not to fish for sympathy, nor to shame GAWminers into refunding me or giving me more store credit. Like I said, I've decided I'm no longer doing business with that company anyway--it would take a pretty significant effort on their part to earn back my trust, and it wouldn't be worth it to them in the long run. Rather, I post this in the hopes that it keeps someone else from going down this same path.
It's the story of my life. Missed opportunities. It's already too late, I missed my chance to get filthy rich off bitcoin by not mining with my 7970 for all of 2012, there's nothing I can do now that will make up for it and I don't know why I thought pouring hundreds of dollars down the drain would.
Don't get lost in the same trap I did. Curb your appetite for the gigglehashes, and be content with the 20 or 30 doge you now receive per day with your dual core CPU. Or just be happy hanging around on IRC or reddit collecting tips and watching as people happily burn billions of doge. ASIC mining is a dangerous hobby to get into, and it's easy to lose your ass if you're not careful.
I leave you with a Kenny Rogers song:
Time to fold 'em and run.
  1. Doge is fun. I bought 4 or 5 video cards this year to mine more doge, because doge is fun.
  2. I bought a few furies for funsies.
  3. Price drops on the furies the same day I buy a Widow. Price drops on the Widows shortly thereafter.
  4. GAWminers doesn't want to go out of business, won't credit me the full amount of the price drop.
  5. Bought a couple of Lightning X6's on OneMiner
  6. Turns out OneMiner is GAWminers. My bad.
  7. GAWminers cuts price on Black Widow by another couple hundred dollars.
  8. GAWminers doesn't want to go out of business, but won't stop dropping prices immediately after stupid people like me purchase hundreds of dollars worth of hardware.
  9. This isn't fun anymore. Don't make the same mistakes I did.
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I've been in on Bitcoin for over a year, and I'm still wondering how miners are actually running the network.

Alright, I just wanted to ask people who might know a bit better than me a bit about how Bitcoin is actually run. I get that it's basically a bruteforce race. Miners try to find a number and get the correct hash and that makes up the next block. How does a miner know they've gotten the right hash?
What makes the hashing take so long? 2,023,520,170 was the last nonce I saw discovered while posting, and my GPU mined at 700 MH/s, wouldn't that take a fraction of a second to do by just bruteforcing 1, 2... etc? So obviously I'm missing something here... I'm assuming it has to do a bit with the difficulty rating. Could anyone elaborate (technically) on what the difficulty rating actually does?
Anyways, I also understand that miners are the ones that are basically verifying messages signed by a private key that the public address corresponding to that private key is indeed sending that amount of Bitcoin to another address. But how do the hashes they submit suddenly turn into shares, and those become confirmations of sent Bitcoin?
Finally, what puts the transactions on the block? I get that unconfirmed transactions appear instantly, but are they not technically on the blockchain because the block they would be on hasn't been discovered yet. So, where is that data stored?
Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place, I'm just looking to understand what makes Bitcoin tick a little more :)
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BitcoinTimelapse - YouTube Test Scanning my Stainless Steel Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti ... per month income of indias biggest mining farm 700 graphics card Old Desktop Computer Bitcoin Mining RIG  easy budget set up

Bitcoin trading around $11,467 as of 20:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET).Gaining 1.2% over the previous 24 hours. Bitcoin’s 24-hour range: $11,102-$11,593. BTC above its 10-day moving average but below the 50 ... Related: Bitcoin's Implied Volatility Falls Sharply Ahead of Jerome Powell Speech Another event is the expiration of 65,000 BTC options, over $700 million at current market values, on Friday. The ... Hash per second is an SI derived unit representing the number of double SHA-256 computations performed in one second, referred to as hash rate.It is usually symbolized as h/s (with an appropriate SI prefix).. Use in hardware specifications. The hash rate is the primary measure of a Bitcoin miner's performance. In 2014, a miner's performance was generally measured in Ghash/s, or billions of ... Mobilfunk: 700 MHz - der ungenutzte Frequenzbereich in Deutschland. In großen Teilen Deutschlands könnte der 700-MHz-Bereich schon ausgerollt werden, um 75 MBit/s in der Fläche zu bieten. Doch ... Bitcoin fiyatı 12 Mart 2020’de 3.700 $ ‘a ulaştığında birçok Bitcoin kullanıcısı sosyal ağlarda pek çok platformda Bitcoin’in durumunun değişmediğini söyledi. Bitcoin fiyatı değişti, ancak temelleri değişmedi. Ekonomik kriz tutunuyor, ancak Bitcoin’in temelleri değişimden etkilenmeden duruyor. Koronavirüs, özellikle ekonomik olarak yaşanılan zor dönemlerin ...

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BitcoinTimelapse - YouTube

Hackers from across the globe have stepped up their efforts to break into a bitcoin (BTC) wallet that is thought to hold more than USD 700 million worth of c... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HOW MUCH - Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti - 6X GPU Mining Rig Case - Building a budget bitcoin mining rig from an old PC in 2018 is very easy. I managed to build 4 GPU mining rig using old desktop computer and few easily accessible components. The rig operates 2 ... friends is video mein meine discuss kiya hai profit of a biggest mining farm in india with nearly 700 graphics cards which are gtx 1060 mining speecial graphic cards mining farm in indai ethereum ... Test Scanning my Stainless Steel Bitcoin Wallet BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork htt...