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BitCoiniacs BitCoin Store's Affiliate Progra

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Did anyone lose money/bitcoins with bitcoin exchange, started by the Bitcoiniacs people? was a bitcoin exchange that was built and operated locally in Vancouver by the same group as Bitcoiniacs. They have since vanished and I'm wondering if anyone:
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Did anyone lose money/bitcoins with bitcoin exchange, started by the Bitcoiniacs people? /r/vancouver

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Looks like Bitcoiniacs & is sponsoring Bitcoin Bigfoot's Massive Brochure Distribution

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Good news Bitcoiniacs - The Bitcoin Store now trading Litecoin!

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Canada has a new exchange , brought you by BITCOINIACS - The people that installed the world's first Bitcoin ATM.

The site is , they are currently only trading bitcoins and other Alt coins are being implemented soon. Verifying was really quick, for deposits they accept bank draft, international wire ,cheques and they an have excellent funding options for Canadians, They They can credit and debit Canadian bank accounts for deposits and withdrawals with direct deposits, you just need to fill out and return the Pre Authorized Debit form, also there is a fee rate of 0.50% but im sure it will go down if there is more trading volume. So Give it a try people.
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Bitcoiniacs - The Bitcoin Store now trading Litecoin!

Bitcoiniacs - The Bitcoin Store is known for firsts, and we're now proud to announce that we are the first reputable physical location in the world to buy and sell Litecoin in person. We have made the difficult process of buying and selling Litecoin easier than ever! Come down to Waves Coffee at 900 Howe St in Vancouver and talk with one of our knowledgeable agents who will help you get your first litecoins in a matter of minutes!
As crypto-currencies develop around the world Bitcoiniacs will be on the forefront constantly making it easier for our clients to trade the leading currencies.
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"We've shut down the buy option at the Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver" - Bitcoiniacs post in /r/Bitcoin

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Subversive Bitcoin tshirt from slips into The Province.

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Found this at waves coffee in Canada, BC. New Westminster. Seen some people posting photos of these, figured I would also!

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List of NO2X Exchanges, Wallets, Brokers, and ATMs

i've seen a lot of bitcoiners ask how to avoid segwit2x and the companies that support it. i've tried to include the most pertinent ones below along with their services:
Company/Project Service(s)
Bitcoiniacs (Canada) atm
BitStop (US - florida) atm
Bitcoin Brains (Canada) atm / broker
Bitsquare [now Bisq] decentralized exchange
LocalBitcoins* decentralized exchange
Échange de Montréal (Canada) exchange
Bitcoin Outlet (Canada) exchange
Bitonic (Netherlands) exchange exchange
QuickBT (Canada) exchange
Walltime (Brazil) exchange
Prasos (Finland) exchange / broker / atm
Vaultoro (Germany) exchange / web wallet
Holy Transaction (Luxembourg) exchange / web wallet
Wayniloans (Argentina) lending platform
BTCPay payment service provider
myBylls (Canada) payment service provider
Bitwala (Germany) payment service provider / bitcoin debit card
Digitalbitbox wallet - hardware
OpenDime wallet - hardware
Samourai Wallet wallet - mobile
Ciphrex wallet - software​
Other lists:
EDIT: I will update with a new list next week with more probables. Most of those listed have been very public about being anti 2x and deserve applause.
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What Is The Psychological Term To Define A Bitcoin Addict?

Serious Question. Bitcoinism? Bitcoiniac?
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We've shut down the buy option at the Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver.

UPDATE: All withdrawals have all cleared! For the time being we will manually process all transactions through a personal float until a proper hot wallet solution is implemented. Thanks to everyone for the comments, suggestions, and support.
Unfortunately, due to a massive delay in processing at Bitstamp, and ZERO response to repeated contact requests from anyone in management or customer service there, we've had to shut down the buying option at Vancouver's Bitcoin ATM at Waves Coffee. We are dealing with a backlog of 45+ BTC that are "waiting to be processed" and have not been processed since as far back as Tuesday.
We will not bring the ATM back online until this backlog clears and we get a response from Bitstamp. To any customers waiting for their coins to come through we apologize for the inconvenience and confusion, and we thank you kindly for your patience. We can also assure you that you will not lose any money or coins as a result of this.
The ATM's status can be seen on the front page of, and we will update it, along with our Facebook page, as soon as this issue is resolved.
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Landing in Manila in 6 hours...where to exchange BTC,

Title says it all, almost.
Leaving Hong Kong for Manila, PH. Want to exchange coins for some pesos. Where would I best do this as a foreigner with no bank account?
Salamat :)
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The Bitcoin ATM news was on CCTV Xinwen Lianbo tonight

This is huge.
Maybe you don't know what "Xinwen Lianbo" is, it's the most important TV program in China, most TV stations are required to rebroadcast it simultaneously. i.e. every night in China at 19:30 19:00, that's almost the only show you can watch.
Sorry I couldn't provide a link, but did verify this news.
OK, here is a link
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Tired of seeing Canadians get ripped off by Virtex ( - (x-post from /r/bitcoinca)

Virtex ( is Canada's largest bitcoin exchange. Why? Easy. They were the first here. We live in a country that offers literally the MOST in terms of bitcoin services and ATMs.
What has happened as a result? 1. If you bought and sold bitcoins, you pay 3% (used to be 6%) in fees. 2. Verification take longer than a month to complete. 3. Their customer service line explicitly tells you NOT to call about verification (so why ask for our personal info?) - In fact, nobody is there to answer the calls. 4. Tickets take forever to answer.
We're paying high fees, and receiving shit service from Joseph David, and his team of "professional" staff. I know someone who's waited literally MONTHS for a debit card from these guys. Not to mention, they deducted $10 from her account without her knowing. She's furious.
So why do we still deal with Virtex? Because most of us don't know about other alternatives. There are other Canadian bitcoin exchanges which have easy verification and charge far less in transaction fees. If more canadians sign up and use it, the volumes go up, and finally, virtex will get more competition.
What are those exchanges?
  1. - Took me 24 hours to get verified with these guys. They're located in Brantford, Ontario. The owner of this exchange answers the customer calls personally, and if he doesn't answer, his employees are super kind. They fielded my call AFTER business hours, and when I apologized for taking his time up, he never gave me the feeling like I was a burden to him. Great service, low fees. THEY ALSO OFFER LITECOIN AND PEERCOIN!!!!! THIS IS HUGE!! Their volumes for litecoin is alright.. we need more people to use it.
I have deposited coins there, and withdrawn fiat. Took about 2 days (more like 1.5 days). These guys are great.
  1. - Another successful project from the British Columbian-based company Bitcoiniacs. They offer a full scale exchange with low transaction fees, and are already established as a brick-and-mortar store. This exchange is bitcoin only. Took me less than 24 hours to get verified with these guys.
The above are trusted bitcoin/litecoin/peercoin exchanges based in Canada. Who needs Virtex when these options are available? Fellow Canadians.... don't get sucked into the virtex monopoly. It's bad enough that all our media, telecom, and banking are owned by less than 10 companies.. let's not get sucked into yet another monopoly.
tl;dr: Virtex offers crappy service with high fees, walking around like they own bitcoin in Canada. The fact they have higher volume still boggles me when there are other perfectly viable options in Canada. Please help spread the word. We need to help these other exchanges get bigger making room for fair competition in Canada.
Thanks for your time.
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Who has experience with withdrawing bitcoins from ATMs in Vancouver?

What fees did you have to pay to withdraw? Do you just give them your bitcoin wallet pin? Where was the ATM located?
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So I bought my first bitcoin in Vancouver with the ATM

It was an interesting experience. There were a couple guys from Bitcoiniacs there that were helping anyone who was confused with their first time.
The guys where talking about changes to the UI to make it easier to use and understand. They were talking about some older customers and what they had difficulty seeing and using.
For a first time user I was required to scan my palm 6 times to set myself with the system. I then had the option of including an email to attach to my palm account to get info, which I did. I then got an email saying my account was ready.
I then started a transaction. I entered that I wanted a little over 1 bitcoin. I was able to use my phone to bring up my QR code and have it scanned by the ATM. It then asked me to put in the cash, and the amount I put in was what it put into my account.
To tell you the truth I was a little unclear if the amount I entered at first was just to let me see the trade value of bitcoin at that amount, and if I was then able to adjust the amount I wanted to purchase by putting in the amount of cash that I wanted.
There was lag with their servers or something they were saying, so it took some time for my bitcoin to get into my account. I must admit this made me feel a little funny as a first time bitcoin user. They said it shouldn't take that long anymore, but mine did take 7 hours to arrive in my account. Hopefully that will no longer be an issue.
Well that was my experience buying bitcoin for the first time. Now I just need to figure out a second wallet that is more safe than my phone for storing, and keep my phone wallet for transactions. I tried Armory, but my computer can not seem to handle it. I am likely going to create an online wallet at until I find something better to transfer to again.
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Best deal for Canadians to purchase bitcoins! From Vancouver!

So I've been searching for the best prices and the lowest fees to purchase Bitcoins in a relatively quick manner and here is what I've found out.
Bitcoiniacs - charged kraken +12% per BTC. Charging approximately 4800 CAD per BTC for bulk purchase orders. They also have ATMs of which only charge less percentage but I can only assume their valuation of the price of BTC would be the same. offers flexepin purchasing at 2500 daily. 6.75% at market price approximately 4300 (live price). This is the best deal I have found so far considering buying flexepin is very easy.
Has anyone found a cheaper and easier way? I know ATMs are the way to go but they charge higher fees and sometimes it doesn't post how the evaluate the price per BTC.
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My LTC wishes for 2014 : MtGox, ZipZap, Coinbase, Coinkite, Bitcoiniacs, Coinkite, Lamassu ATMs and so much more...

What I expect for the new year :
Well, I think it will be enough for the first part of the new year... And you, what do you expect for the new year ? (I may have been a little shy about my predictions...)
Happy end-of-year celebration from Paris, France.
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Help a Canadian Noob: How to get BTC from Nicehash to an ATM in my area?

This may not be the best way to withdraw the BTC i get from Nicehash, but wondering how I would do it if I wanted to.
I'm in the Vancouver, BC area, and looks like there is a bunch of ATMs or Tellers in the area where you can buy and sell BTC. I wondering if I can get my NiceHash earnings out to one of these ATMs/Tellers, the steps involved and fees along the way.
Here is the list:
I was going to ask about the Wave's in Port Coquitlam because it had the lowest fees yesterday, 3.9%, but today they are up to 5.9%. It says you buy/sell "from BitcoinAverage". I don't know what that is.
One of the other lower fee ones is Bitcoiniacs in Richmond, their fee: "Sell: 5% from Kraken"
Any info would be much appreciated! :)
Edit: I've seen other's post about going Coinbase -> Gdax -> Quadrigacx -> Bank Account, and I'll probably do that as well... but sounds like opening those accounts can take time, and my passport is expired, will have to get a new one... So trying to trace the chain to ATM's: seems it'd be easier and more anonymous, no tax man, and faster...
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Witnessed REAMDE in real life

(though no one got abducted or shot)
Took a weekend trip to Vancouver to check out the ATM. An older lady started asking me questions about how to use the thing after I did the first palm scans. I made some comment about how cool the whole thing is and she said: "Well no, I'm being held ransom for my excel files."
This is, I'm sure you're thinking, a statement that does not compute. It definitely is hard to parse when you're in the mindset of techno-utopianism. Her explanation, after a moment of my shock: she got a virus on her household computer, its encrypted all her Excel files, and some hacker is extorting her for one Bitcoin and threatening to delete all her files in 72 hours if he doesn't get it.
I tried to help her out, but there's a huge wall to climb in figuring out how to help someone in that circumstance, right? She had a hand-written receiving address that I imagine the hacker was monitoring for payment; it would have been a nightmare to enter correctly into the machine (even if she had copied the CaSe correctly).
It didn't come to that, though, because the machine was having problems. She walked out in exasperation at some point, leaving some cash behind in the machine, and I imagine she (rightly) went to the cops. I called Bitcoiniacs and told them about the situation, a few hours later they (commendably) called me back and said they'd got her straightened out.
The point: this individual has had probably the worst introductory experience with bitcoin possible. I imagine this isn't an isolated event; I imagine that Vancouverites are being specifically targeted by this kind of randsomeware because of the presence of the ATM.
We, as a community, need to get out ahead of this issue, or it will become a PR nightmare. Being extorted for one bitcoin for your excel files is probably the mildest scenario, I can imagine much worse situations. Like, for instance, the plot of REAMDE.
I don't know what to do. Discuss.
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La première borne d'échange de bitcoins inaugurée à Vancouver Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver Bitcoin-Mine: Hier werden Millionen verdient  Galileo ... How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer - YouTube Bitcoin Türkiye'de Yasal mıdır? Av. Serdar Han TOPO

Wissenswertes über Bitcoins Unser Bitcoin Chart zeigt Ihnen den aktuellen Bitcoin Kurs in Euro (Kürzel: BTC und XBT) sowie die Bitcoin Kursentwicklung (Bitcoincharts).Wenn Sie Bitcoins kaufen möchten, können Sie sich hier anmelden.In unseren FAQs und in unserem Tutorial "Mein erster Bitcoin" erfahren Sie, wie Sie Bitcoins verkaufen oder kaufen können. Wie funktioniert die Bitcoin Code App? Für alle Finanzmärkte gelten komplexe mathematische Strukturen. Für die Anleger bedeutet das, dass es unmöglich ist, sämtliche möglichen Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung in ihre Handelsentscheidungen einfließen zu lassen.Sie müssen sich also diverse Statistiken und Charts zu Hilfe nehmen, welche ihnen beispielsweise der eigene Broker zur Verfügung stellt. Bitcoin ist die derzeit wohl bekannteste digitale Währung. Außerdem ist der Bitcoin die erste Kryptowährung, bei der Methoden der Verschlüsselung erfolgreich angewandt wurden, um ein sicheres ... What Is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a revolutionary decentralized digital cash system that uses a peer to peer network to transfer money anywhere in the world, instantly, at practically no cost. Incredibly, nobody owns Bitcoin, there is no Bitcoin head office, and the software is completely open source! A Brief Introductory Video What Is Bitcoiniacs? The Bitcoin ATM. Our tremendously successful Bitcoin ATM launch at Waves Coffee in Vancouver, and then our latest one in West Vancouver, revolutionized the way people buy and sell bitcoins. We now have our eyes set on the global market with our third Bitcoin ATM live at Sunnete Tower Hotel in Makati city (Philippines), and three more to be installed at other locations ...

[index] [38867] [34686] [8111] [18666] [41279] [36986] [51008] [26367] [12752] [36429]

La première borne d'échange de bitcoins inaugurée à Vancouver

Bitcoin für Anfänger einfach erklärt! [auf Deutsch] Bitcoin-Börse (erhalte 10€ in BTC) *📱 Sicheres Bitcoin-Wallet... Cheyne Mackie is the Co-Founder of Bitcoiniacs, the company that brought the ATM to Vancouver and now wants to roll the model out. He said: "Our target audience will be everybody. We want to make ... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: IMPORTANT!! This method only illustrates how mining works. You will not make any money f... Direkt zu Coinbase (inkl. 9 Euro Bonus) * Bitcoin mit der BISON App kaufen (inkl. 10 € Bonus) * Zu Besuch in der Bitcoin-Mine: Hier fließt die virtuelle Währung in Millionenhöhe. Mehr Galileo: Galileo auf YouTube abonnieren: htt...